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The Government of Singapore is considering the development of an Integrated Resort (IR). This is envisaged to be an iconic lifestyle development with a comprehensive range of world-class amenities which may include hotels, convention facilities, retail and dining, entertainment shows, themed attractions and a casino. The strategic objective is to broaden our leisure and entertainment options to enhance Singapore's reputation as a premium ''must-visit'' destination for leisure and business visitors.

In addition, social safeguards would be put in place if the Integrated Resort contains a casino gaming component. These social safeguards aim to address problem gambling and to mitigate potential impact on our families, social values and work ethos. The social safeguards include a minimum age requirement, membership system for Singapore residents, self-exclusion programs, guidelines on credit extension, facility to allow setting of voluntary loss limits, advertising guidelines and patron education.

A robust and stringent regulatory regime will be developed in Singapore. Similar to those imposed in leading global gaming jurisdictions, a set of strict international regulatory standards such as measures against money laundering, illegal money-lending, licensing and screening of operators and employees will be imposed. This is also a key consideration for potential investors.

The integrated resort will be the single largest property development in Singapore, with an estimated development cost of S$2.8 to S$3.4 billion. It will likely to include the largest hotel, the largest shopping mall, and the largest concentration of food and beverage outlets and non-gaming entertainment. It is expected to take 9 months to complete the bidding, review process and awarding an integrated resort licence. Singapore plans to build its first casino, reversing a four-decade ban, as it seeks new industries to replace manufacturers that are moving to lower-cost China and India.

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Universal Studios Singapore is a new Universal theme park which is located within the Resorts World at Sentosa, Singapore. It was a key component of Genting-Star Cruises bid for the right to build a new resort at Sentosa. It was announced on December 8, 2006 by the Singapore government that the consortium has

won the bid and construction is expected to start around mid-2007. Firstly it will occupy an area that will be larger than Universal Studios Hollywood. The tourist attractions in Universal Studios Park in Singapore will be plenty. A total of 38 rides will be there in the park and of these16 rides will be designed specially for the Universal Studios Park in Singapore. Totally they will number more than the combined attractions in Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan.

Centering the lagoon, there will be 6 theme parks. They will be Water world, Lost World, Egypt, Hollywood Boulevard, Cartoon Studios and Super Hero City. Other than that various programmes will also be organized at the Universal Studios Park in Singapore which will be entertaining as well as enlightening. There will be shows which will help you to learn a lot about computer generated animation and how to make a successful movie. All in all, the Universal Studios Park in Singapore will be a great place for all to visit. In fact it has been approximately calculated that the park will draw five million visitors each year. It will definitely be the foremost tourist attraction in Singapore.

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Universal Studios has been bringing unique entertainment experiences to millions of people around the world through their motion pictures and home videos, theme parks and attractions, television networks and programming, and much more. They are in the business of thrills and chills as well as tears and laughter -- of inspiring wonder and ultimately transforming moments into lasting memories. Universal Studios has broadened its reach as one of the leading entertainment companies in the world. The Universal global brand has come to stand for the finest in exciting, exhilarating entertainment.

Universal Studios theme parks currently open are:

  •  Universal Studios Hollywood

  •  Universal Orlando Resort

  •  Universal Studios Florida

  •  Islands of Adventure

  •  Universal Studios Japan

  •  Universal Studios Singapore (to be completed by 2010)

  •  Universal Studios Dubai (to be completed by 2010)

  •  Universal Studios South Korea (to be completed by 2012)

There will be 22 rides in the park and at least 16 of them will either be original or specially designed for the new park.

The park is reported to be a "one-of-its-kind theme park in Asia" as Universal Studios has promised that this will be the only park it would have in Southeast Asia for the next 30 years.

Its physical design will be larger than Universal Studios Hollywood with further room for expansion . The total number of attractions in the park will also be more than Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan. It will, however, be smaller in terms of both size and number of rides than Universal Studios Florida. It is also estimated that the new park will draw more than five million visitors annually.

About US$1b will be invested in the theme park, which will include 6 themed areas that encircle a lagoon and feature iconic blockbuster locations, as well as new rides based on movies like Madagascar, King Kong, Revenge of the Mummy and Waterworld. There will also be live entertainment shows and educational features where visitors can learn more about computer-generated animation and the art of making a hit movie.

The Resorts World at Sentosa design is a collection of resorts within a resort so visitors can have a multi-resort experience. The anchor family leisure attractions include The Universal Studios Singapore Theme Park, The Quest Marine Life Park, The Equarius Water Park, The Maritime Xperiential Museum, and other entertainment offerings located along FestiveWalk.

Universal Studios will have its largest theme park in Asia at Resorts World at Sentosa offering 22 attractions within seven themed worlds, of which 16 will be specially designed for Singapore.

It will be developed at the east side of the IR site, using the theme “Ride the movies?and the attractions will be comparable to those found in Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure.

Resorts World at Sentosa will also offer other family entertainment experiences such as Quest Marine Life Park an oceanarium spanning 8 hectares with the largest single marine tank in the world, a 6.5 million gallon Whale Shark Lagoon, and interactive dolphin habitat, operated by the world-renowned Dolphin Quest.

Other attractions include the 1.3 hectares Equarius Water Park which is a water theme park custom-designed to integrate with the hillside terrain of Sentosa and a Maritime Xperiential Museum set at the waterfront.

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